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21 March 2008 @ 03:22 pm
Please please please stop thinking that we are friends. We aren't. Just because we collect the same thing and around the same age doesn't mean that we best friends for ever. Personally, I can't stand you.

Why? First, you act like a golddigging whore. You are always bragging about how much money your husband (who is a good 20 years older than you) makes and what that can get you. You never talk about him other than the fact that he is so smart. And allows him to makes ton of money. You never say you love your husband unless it after a rant about all the stuff you bought with his money.

Secondly, you treat me and others like it is a gift to be around you. You talk down to people and wonder why they are upset with you. You brag about how much better off you are. How much nicer you things are. How you are so lucky. And then when someone tells you their opinion you cut them down without even thinking about it.

Third, you don't have to work or worry about anything other than your health problems. That's very nice for you. But some of us have real problems. Like what I am going to do now that I am out of college? How I am going to make ends meet? I am going able to move out soon? This problems are really concerns for us. That why we talk about them in our journals. Please don't discard everything we are saying as negative. And we are just negative people. We can't be positive too but we don't pretend our worlds are just full of rainbows, sunshine and happiness either.

Finally, stop being an attention whore. Whenever you do something you post in a thousand places just to get as much attention as you can. Even in real life, you jump into conversations that weren't about you or something you know about and shift the conversation to yourself. You will do one thing nice and then you will make sure everyone knows about it. Also, if you do some nice or generous it doesn't not entitle you to get stuff from others. I don't like the fact you say "I am so generous but no one ever gets me anything. You're all mean." You should just give to give. And if you feeling used just stop for awhile. See if people still like you.

In conclusion, you have a very comfortable life and glad you have everything you need. But please stop all the activities I have mention above and then maybe we could be friends. Thank you.
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12 October 2007 @ 03:17 pm
Ann Coulter says jews need to be perfected....Thank you Ann for further proof that you are a bigoted, stupid, psyco bitch!

28 July 2007 @ 10:54 am
So my kids and I were enjoying a great walk with our dogs yesterday. We were on our way home when this dog comes out of no where and just attacks my oldest dog. No reason at all, just to bite her.
My dog is fine but this is what pisses me off. This lady stands in her lawn and says "Lou please don't...no Lou" and of course every dog in the world would ignore that. I yell 'NO!' once and he stops and comes over to me (I have the puppy) and acts just as sweet as can be. Why the fuck would you get a dog and not even attempt to be in charge? I mean it's not hard...just act like you mean it for God sake and they listen.
Finally, this dumb bitch comes over and pulls her dog away from me and my puppy like I was trying to steal him or something. I ask her if he is okay...and of course she doesn't even give a shit if my dog is okay. She just says yes and walks away dragging the dog. No 'sorry' or nothing...what a dumb bitch!
Personally, I think the lady is damn lucky on two counts....this dog (probably 80 lb Golden Retriever) got my dog from behind and was not ready for him or she (Keiko is a 130 lb Akita) probably would have torn open his throat...
And he didn't try to attack my puppy because the first thing I would have done is kick him away and then I probably would have gone after the owner for being so stupid...
18 December 2006 @ 08:43 pm
Haven't done some bitching in some time, but I feel it is time now...

Isn't it funny how people can be so very righous and sit themself up on pedestals on LJ? No matter what it is about? I have an LJ-friend here that writes pretty good fanfics, and they are a joy to read. BUT! Of course there is a but, this is a bitch-rant. :-P She is always complaining about how little comments and feedback she gets on her stories. And how slow it is on LJ. Which I find kinda funny, since she ALWAYS gets at least around 20-30 comments on each post she makes, often more, up to 50-70, sometimes even up to 100 comments with lots of love and feedback from readers. And still, in next post again, she says not enough feedback oh LJ is so slow today... She is involved in alot of award-sites and really involved in the fandom to, but still... Oh nothing happens, oh where is eveyone? I don't get it. I really don't. What does she want, seriously? *sigh* And she has succesfully managed to be unfriends with two other people in the fandom that do lots to, but never complains. But she gets all the oh how bad for you, I am so sorry, things... I really don't get it. Well, as long as no one asks me to defriend anyone, me am a happy girl. I am just... somewhat flabergasted at the moment. :-P

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26 September 2006 @ 08:07 am
Why does every number I need to call have to be fucking automated! Iam fucking tired of calling these places and hearing that automated voice rattle off my list of "options" and not one of them has anything to do with what I'm fucking looking for! Or those ones that are voices activated so you tell them what you want and the fucking automated cunt comes on and says " I'm sorry but I can not process your request"..FUCK OFF. All I am asking for is there to be a living , breathing fucking human being to talk to. I don't care who they are where they are from...I don't even care if they call me MRS Smelly Donkey Ass the entire time I speak with them, just as long as they give me the information I need...Fuck!
08 September 2006 @ 06:10 pm
Welcome to the bitch of the month club to junkdrawer_dora and tradit03....
bitch bitch bitch  :)
01 June 2006 @ 12:09 am
When you get ahold of friends from school and you start comparing notes with them about certain individuals and you find out that all along, these people who claimed to be friends with said individuals didn't like them at all. They were only tolerating them? Why does this piss me off so bad? Cause the dipshits could have said something and then maybe I wouldn't have wasted my time either.
Even though, at the same time, it is funny as hell. Mainly because certain individuals thought that they were so close with these people and come to find out that these people have despised them for years.
I guess that is what happens when you are gross and extremely rude to people and are a major backstabber. No wonder no one could trust them in school. Very sad.
24 May 2006 @ 07:28 pm
How can some people be so stupid? They let their children run around wild and then they wonder why they ended up getting hurt or doing something that they shouldn't have. Well gee, let's see...maybe because your ignorant ass wasn't watching your children like you were supposed to? Ya think?

Or when you live in a crowded neighborhood and someone grills out (Duh its summertime) and all you can do is bitch about it. Why bitch about something like that? I mean you are in a neighborhood, someone is bound to grill out. Dumbasses.

I swear, stupid people shouldn't breed. You should have to have a certain IQ level before having a child. That would definetly cut down on the ignorant multiplying. And save the world from more stupid people. As scoobiedoggie once said, you have to have a license to drive, to hunt, to fish, etc....but just anyone can have a child. Must love that one. Must love sarcasm as well.
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23 May 2006 @ 12:59 pm
*Sighs* I hate people!!! Anyone wanna explain what the hell I did to anyone? I dont bother anyone, Im actually pretty quiet unless you know me very well, I dont fight with people, at least I try really hard not to. BUT ok I had to fucking get rid of 105 members over at chacelovers because of a few ignorant people who felt the need to make up fake lj's just to get in there and make me nuts. 

Long story short, it just sucks ass!!! 

I didnt fuckin do anything to anyone to deserve this headache, other than develope a serious thing for Chris Daughtry. Is that really that big of a crime?!?! No i didnt think so! 

Whatever, now he and his stupid ass friends can blow it out their asses!