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23 May 2006 @ 11:39 am
So for about the 30th time since we got Comcast, one of the cable boxes shit itself. So we did our normal going to the payment center to get a new box and came home for them to send it a signal....before the signal was sent there was a picture...after the signal was sent, NOTHING....not even a message saying there was no signal....
sigh...so I called them...THREE times (I kept getting disconnected for some reason)....and this last lady tells me she THINKS it's the spliter (that they installed) and I will need to have a tech come out and mess with my stuff....just what I want....I HATE waiting for the cable people...and I hate having them in my house....and of course I will probably end up paying some bogus fee that they come up with...
18 May 2006 @ 04:39 pm
So I was watching Maury again today and it was one of those DNA testing ones....
It amazes me what men will go to in order to try and get out of taking care of a child...
But was kills me the most are those women who don't have the slightest idea who is the father of their babies...
Last week there was a woman who was testing the 10th man to find out whether or not he is her 'baby daddy' as this woman put it...Now, I have had a little fun in my day but to have sex with 10 different guys in the time period that she got pregnant?? Can you say nasty much? I thought it was bad that I was pregnant without being married when I was younger...but to have a child and not know who the father is?
And then there are the woman that know who their childens' fathers are but they are all different men? I mean....I picked a loser once...and dropped him when I figured that out....Did I repeat this horrible behavior over and over again? No...I learned from my mistake and moved on to someone I could trust before I had another baby. But to do that same thing more then once...even 3 or 4 times?? (Can you say skank? I knew you could.) WTF man? Has common sense disappeared??
This is not even to mention the irresponsiblity it takes to go on national TV with this...I mean can you imagine what happens when the kids see this shit??
I don't get this shit at all.
18 May 2006 @ 01:01 am
You must love two faced stupid people. I mean really now. Thank God I didn't make a mistake by ever friending that individual, or the other one. And I don't just mean on Live Journal.
But it proved something to me tonight, that what I was telling scoobiedoggie was correct.
Oh and "girls" and I soooo use that term loosely, she was never really "in" with me...nor was "he"....sorry to burst your bubbles. LMAO.
God people are so fucking stupid.
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07 May 2006 @ 06:28 pm
I am so damn tired of hearing about perverts on the internet! If they would address the REAL problem I would not mind....but they set up these 'stings' (which sound a hell of a lot like entrapment to me) in order to arrest these dicks....
Now, while I think pedophiles are sick and twisted...I don't think THEY are the problem when it comes to them picking up kids on the internet....IF parents would actually stick their noses back into their children's lives and pay attention to what they were doing online there would be no one for these fuckers to find!
IF parents would teach their children to be smart and responsible when it comes to being online and teach them the common rules that all of us adults use (no personal info, etc), then there would be nothing to report.

For some reason, parents refuse to take responsibility for their own children anymore....
It what kids learn at HOME that make them what they are....if you give them rules and you check that those rules are being followed you have nothing to worry about...

Give them chores at home to make them responsible....don't just do everything for them and then complain when they can't figure out how to grow up...

Give them healthy food, good health care, and good exercise to make them healthy...don't just give them whatever they want to eat and then complain that they are overweight and have health problems.

Show them how caring and loving you are and they will be caring and loving too...and being outraged by stuff you see on TV (and doing nothing about it) doesn't count. Charity starts at home.

Give them rules that come from common sense and they will HAVE common sense.

oh hell, I think I have gone off on a tangent now.....

I guess what I am trying to say is that too many parents would rather be 'friends' with thier kids then PARENTS....Wake up already....Your kids are NOT little adults...they are kids and if you want them to BE adults someday, you have to treat them like children. Otherwise, they will either be too stupid to make it to adulthood or they will be one of those assholes that don't think they should have to do anything for themselves because they never got past the maturity level of a 13 year old.

02 May 2006 @ 05:32 pm
1. Live journal stops working for no apparent reason!
2. People try to sell me shit at my door even though I have said twice that I don't fucking want it.
3. People call me during a nap to ask if I want to sell my time share that I don't even have anymore!
4. My kids whine about doing their chores (the ones from yesterday, not today's even)
5. My husband acts like his job is so hard to do that he can't even take the damn garbage out! I mean hell all he does is sit behind a desk and type!
6. My husband says shit just to piss me off and then laughs about it!

I am sure there are other things I will want to add to this list later....
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30 April 2006 @ 12:46 am

Even though alot of them serve nothing more than for amusement.
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24 April 2006 @ 07:20 am
My boyfriend's ex, the mother of his child, is a useless piece of trash. She has three children, one of whom is living with us, one of whom she gave up for adoption because she couldn't handle two kids, and the third she is constantly pawning off on other people, like her mother, and my BF, even though this child is not his. He feels like he should help because the baby is his daughter's brother, and you know, I could deal with that. If not for the fact that this biotch uses these kids to pull his strings. She calls constantly at my house, asking him if he knows anyone who can give her painkillers (she is definitely an addict...she took her month supply of Xanax in one day, broke her tailbone while coked up, among other things...) Anyway, I hate her. I hate it when people use the fact that they think they have had a hard life as an excuse to be a useless POS. We've all had hard lives, but some of us choose to get up and get along, and others choose to be victims. This woman bounces from friend to friend until she does something to make them kick her out. Supposedly she is homeless now, and you know what, she deserves it. All she cares about is drugs, and messing with Jim's life. When she sees their daughter, she tells her to be mean to us, that it's our fault she can't be with her mother. Then we have to deal with hours of whining and general bad behavior til the kid figures out where she belongs again.
So anyway, I am on the verge of changing my phone number and forbidding J to give it to her. I cannot stand her. She makes my blood boil with rage. Granted, JIm needs to set firmer limits with her, so far all I have heard him say to her is that her problems are not his problem anymore. But her problems ARE our problem. The only thing we ever fight about is HER>
18 April 2006 @ 10:59 pm
Every time I see this fuck head, all I can think of is what an arrogant, egotistical jack ass he is. Every question he is asked he smirks like it is the stupidest fucking question ever and then he gives some smart ass answer. He has NEVER admitted to the administration making a mistake. He has NEVER even pretended to even care that people have died for that mistake. He is such a piece of shit and I just don't understand why on God's green earth he was not fired long ago.

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16 April 2006 @ 06:05 pm
Ok, I get that Easter isn't about the hype. It isn't about the candy and the bunnies as some people will put it. I get that. But when you have children, that is pretty much what it stays focused on in the morning and the night before.
I fucking HATE it when people try to shove their God damned religion down my throat and then bitch because I deal with the Bunnies and candy on Easter or the gifts on Christmas...it's bullshit. I know what the holidays are for and my kids know what it is for as well but I will NOT forcefeed religion to my fucking kids. I don't care WHAT person thinks that a child needs to have religion on their life. Fuck them and fuck you too if you get up on a soapbox about it.
That is the reason that I hate religious talk as much as I do...my grandmother tried shoving it down my throat when I was growing up. I hated it then and I fucking hate it now.
Especially when 99.9% of "christians" are hypocrites. When you are 100% christian then maybe I will THINK about listening to you. Until then...go fuck yourself. You show me someone that is pure christian and I will show you someone that is a fucking liar.
People who are christians now days bend their religion to accomadate themselves. Not for what their religion really stands for, but for how THEY feel things should be done. Fuck everyone else. Bullshit.
This doesn't refer to all religious or christian individuals though, just those that are hypocrites about things and then get up on soapboxes to try to shove their beliefs down your throat.
In summary....
Easter is about Christ dying on the cross, dying for all of our sins.
Easter, when you have children, is mainly about the chocolate bunnies and peeps. Don't like this? DON'T FUCKING HAVE KIDS and DON'T FUCKING TALK TO ME ABOUT IT. Because I DON'T GIVE A FUCK
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14 April 2006 @ 09:37 pm
Do you ever get so pissed that you can barely see straight? That even though ur not sad, all u can do is cry? Thats how frustrated you are.

Im irritated with people in my life, Im irritated with people online. Im actually so irritated that Ive concidered throwing my computer many times tonight. Im just so fed up with everyone. *Sighs* honestly i can probably deal with things online if my actual life wasnt a big freakin trainwreck.

Im just done with it all.